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So, I’m writing this here, bc i feel like this is the place where it belongs. So i was in town, when I saw a hat. I loved it so i took it. I looked at it and i asked the woman who was selling those hats if I could take a picture to show to my friends. She said yes and then, i heard a laugh near me. it was a girl, and she said: “it looks like we all do the same thing!” She was so beautiful. she had short hair, kind of like emma watson and such an incredibly lovely smile and then, we had like a five minute long conversation about hats, and she tried many of them and was asking me if they were great on her, even though we were total strangers, but I felt really strange; as if she was an old friend. And then I left, without even asking her name. a few minutes later, i even came back to the same place in hopes of seeing her again, but she was already gone, and this is how i literally lived a john green story.


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Naomi is literally INCREDIBLE.


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"I just hope that one day—preferably when we’re both blind drunk—we can talk about it."

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Turns out there are other fish in the sea

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omfg nessa’s so gorggggggggeous